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About Us – SafetyTriangle

About Us

We are Safety Triangle Company for General Contracting, in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Abha, and our main activity is all related to road traffic safety works such as road marking, installing warning and guidance traffic sings that are reflective and Illuminated panels solar-powered. We have all kinds and shapes of cat eyes as well as road traffic signs with many types and forms and speed humps, lane separators and barriers, and we take care about all the new safety traffic products to raise the level of service provided to our customers by sharing the latest offerings of companies in the relevant exhibitions that we are keen to visit periodically, the latest exhibition was in: Intertraffic Amsterdam and we are also We are also categorized according to the documents attached to you.

 Our staff are trained, highly skilled, including traffic safety engineers approved by the Ministry of Transport, Qualified technicians, and supervisors, ensuring the execution of the customer project as soon as possible and within the required quality.
 Our products: have European standers and varied quality.
 Equipment’s and machineries that we are using: in the implementation of our advanced and selected projects from the European Best Companies for instance:
2) Hofmann road marking systems. (hofmannmarking.de)
Our plan of business includes a proposal to cover the existing notes in the project and then raise the efficiency of the traffic safety, by presenting a study of the location of the project before and after through 3d MAX drawings, which explain how we raise the efficiency of the traffic safety.

Safety Triangle Company