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Safety Triangle Company for General Contracting is a Saudi company classified as fourth-class roads by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs

Its history:

Founded in 2010 in the city of Abha, which is its main headquarters and has several branches in the Al-Ahsa region and the city of Jeddah, classified according to the classification of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and qualified by the Ministry of Transport in the field of traffic safety Read More…

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Constructions of Safety Triangle General Contracting Company


 Construction and General Contracting The Safety Triangle Company specializes in the field of construction and contracting and considers it the most important specialization for the company. The Safety Triangle construction has carried out many large and medium projects in the field of contracting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the past decades and served many major clients from government agencies and private entities

It effectively and fruitfully contributed to the successful completion of these projects with high quality and within the specified time schedule due to the institution’s possession of experienced professional leaders, qualified labor, modern equipment and an accumulation of experience over the years in the field of construction and contracting.

Traffic safety and the safety triangle


Due to the safety triangle company’s belief in the importance of traffic safety in roads and transportation and its goal in providing the best services, it has attracted a group of engineers and technicians who have long experience in the field of traffic safety under the management and supervision of qualified national cadres to serve you in providing the best works that contribute to safe roads for all.

Crusher Services from Safety Triangle

Safety Triangle Crushers produce high quality products using heavy equipment to secure jobsites. Safety Triangle employs highly trained professionals to ensure that the highest standards and standards of performance are followed Read More

Safety equipment of the safety triangle


The Safety Triangle Company supplies the best occupational safety equipment for the purpose of supporting the company’s clients to complete their projects according to the highest required specifications. The equipment contributes to reducing several risks, whether physical, electrical, thermal, chemical, biological, or suspended particles.

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