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Its History:

Founded in 2010 in the city of Abha, which is its main headquarters and has several branches in the Al-Ahsa region and the city of Jeddah, classified according to the classification of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and qualified by the Ministry of Transport in the field of traffic safety


Since its establishment, the company has followed a distinguished approach to work and has enhanced its skills by expanding its services in the traffic safety and construction sector in order to meet the changing needs of the customer and keep pace with development to achieve the Kingdom’s vision 2030.


It is keen to attract distinguished competencies at all administrative and technical levels to provide professional service to its customers and sustainable quality


Following up on all that is new and worthy of attention, especially in the field of traffic safety, by being present in all relevant international exhibitions and forums, and this resulted in the establishment of partnerships and commercial cooperation.

Why the safety triangle?

Traffic safety services:

Because we are keen to focus our attention on every detail of the project, starting with site inspection and three-dimensional design work (30). Through surveying work and determining the paths until the completion of implementation and handing over the project to the client.


Staff :

There is an integrated work team with high scientific and practical experience in all | Levels where everyone contributes through teamwork to reach the company’s goals.


Engineering Management :

Our engineers have the ability to provide solutions and studies for the challenges facing clients’ projects. They have the latest technology to manage worksites.


manpower :

Providing specialized technical manpower with expertise, each in his field; Urges Department of Site Engineers.


Materials used:

Supplying all materials produced by major local and international companies and of the finest types with high quality and approved specifications and standards.


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